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Scientists in live public discussion today about what ‘natural’ really means

We've all seen it. Whether it's on labels in supermarkets or in adverts on our TVs, the word 'natural' is often used to sell products. Foods may be 'naturallly' farmed or contain only 'natural' colours and flavours. Or you may have used a 'natural' remedy to help you recover from an illness. But why do products sold in…Read more Scientists in live public discussion today about what ‘natural’ really means

Peas in pods

150 years of Mendelian genetics

Last Sunday, the world celebrated its musicians and film stars in flashy ceremonies. But another celebration was due at the same time. 8 February 2015 marked 150 years since the first of Mendel’s lectures where he presented his results on pea breeding for the first time. These lectures, based on his paper Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden…Read more 150 years of Mendelian genetics

A global approach to achieving food security

Last month, 13 developing countries received recognition from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for their progress towards eradicating hunger and improving food security. At the ceremony, the FAO’s director general, José Graziano da Silva, congratulated them for turning political commitment into actions and demonstrating the will to achieve and surpass the millennium development…Read more A global approach to achieving food security

My science policy internship

I’m a plant microbiologist. For the past three months, however, I haven’t touched a pipette, a petri dish or a plant pot. Instead, I’ve been doing an internship in science policy. New PhD studentships from the BBSRC involve a three-month internship, allowing students to take a break from the laboratory and try out something new.…Read more My science policy internship

Introducing the new Student Voice committee

It may only be November, but it’s a new year here at the Student Voice. Having welcomed a new group of PhD and MSc students and celebrated as theses were handed in, we held our annual elections this week. So let’s hear a little more about those elected in their own words. Rachel, chair Hi,…Read more Introducing the new Student Voice committee

Featured Scientist (IV): Greg Foot, Daredevil Science Presenter

This week’s featured scientist is the Daredevil Science Presenter, Greg Foot. Greg has been working in science communication for the past 10 years on TV, Radio and in live shows. You may have seen him on the BBC3 series Secrets of Everything, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, BBC Worldwide, Youtube’s Head Squeeze channel or in his…Read more Featured Scientist (IV): Greg Foot, Daredevil Science Presenter

Young Microbiologists Symposium 2013

On Monday 18th November my department at the John Innes Centre, Molecular Microbiology, hosted a day of talks from ten up-and-coming scientists in the field. The majority of these were in the middle of a post-doctoral grant, others starting their post-doctoral training while a few were coming to the end of their PhD projects. The…Read more Young Microbiologists Symposium 2013