Reaching gender equality in science

The Athena SWAN award is a UK scheme set up to recognise commitment to advancing women’s careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in academia. The scheme has been running for several years with Universities and their departments applying for recognition at bronze, silver or gold level. In 2012 a pilot scheme was set…Read more Reaching gender equality in science

The Student ASM

Zombies, dwarves, insect guts, disease and pomegranates. These sound like a strange mix of topics, but were all covered by this year’s Student Annual Science Meeting (ASM). But what is the Student ASM I hear you cry?  Every year each department pitches their best student - as chosen through poster presentations at the main JIC…Read more The Student ASM

Science versus the financial crisis

There comes a time in every PhD student’s career when they suffer an existential crisis and question the social worth of the research they are doing. This might come at a time when a week’s worth (or longer) of experiments have given nothing but negative results, when they break that really expensive piece of equipment…Read more Science versus the financial crisis

Searching for a needle in a genetic haystack

In the last year, a brand new technique for genome editing has appeared with the potential to revolutionise the way in which scientists engineer genomes. It provides the ability to make cuts in the genome at precisely controlled locations, resulting in the silencing of that particular region. This technique is known as CRISPR. To make…Read more Searching for a needle in a genetic haystack

Featured Scientist (V): Dr. Jagger Harvey

Last week Dr. Jagger Harvey visited JIC from the one of a kind bioscience hub BecA (Biosciences for East and Central Africa). Jagger is half American, half Haitian and witnessed the massive disparity of the two countries throughout his youth. This inspired him to work with developing countries and use his skills to tackle hunger and…Read more Featured Scientist (V): Dr. Jagger Harvey

No microscope? A smart solution

I recently saw a bit of a buzz on twitter about being able to turn your smartphone into a microscope using just a drop of water on the camera. Since water refracts light differently to air, the drop of water magnifies the image that is travelling to the camera lens. Last week I accumulated some…Read more No microscope? A smart solution