Understanding the World of science journalism

Although I’m a JIC student, I’m currently based in a lab in the University of Oxford. Whilst it means I miss out on lots of the exciting opportunities that pop up within the Norwich-sphere, it does give me access to lot of others. One such event, which I attended in March, was a conversation about…Read more Understanding the World of science journalism

Five answers to the question ‘why microbes?’

Last month, Amelia gave us five great reasons to love plants. But plants aren’t the only species worked on at the John Innes Centre that lack the respect they deserve.   As a microbiologist I thought it was only fair to come up with my own ‘five answers’ – and show that microorganisms aren’t just here to…Read more Five answers to the question ‘why microbes?’

Peas in pods

150 years of Mendelian genetics

Last Sunday, the world celebrated its musicians and film stars in flashy ceremonies. But another celebration was due at the same time. 8 February 2015 marked 150 years since the first of Mendel’s lectures where he presented his results on pea breeding for the first time. These lectures, based on his paper Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden…Read more 150 years of Mendelian genetics

Abandoned lab - Paul/Flickr

6 things that happen when you take a four-month break from your PhD

From mid-September until mid-December last year I was on an internship in science policy. Once you count the conference at the start of December and the Christmas holidays, I was left to return to the lab this January after a four-month break. The aim of my internship was to experience the world outside academic research,…Read more 6 things that happen when you take a four-month break from your PhD

Eight great technologies

The UK is an important player in academic research worldwide. This includes being one of the world leaders in many emerging scientific fields. The UK government has recognised eight fields as Eight Great Technologies – technologies that, with support, can lead to UK strengths and business capabilities. In the 2012 autumn statement, £600m was put into…Read more Eight great technologies