About the Student Voice

This collaborative blog is written by postgraduate students at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK and guest bloggers from JIC and further afield. The student authors are members of the Student Voice committee, which aims to empower and enable students, whilst offering support and guidance. The JSV organise and assist with a number of events and are here to help make the student experience at JIC a positive one!

The blog is maintained by the Student Voice committee’s outreach and communications officer (currently Melissa Davie). Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@JICStudentVoice) and check out our Instagram (@jicstudentvoice)! Please get in touch with us by email (Johninnessvc@gmail.com).

If you are interested in joining us, look for current PhD opportunities John Innes Centre website. A master’s programme in Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement is available at the University of East Anglia, jointly run with the John Innes Centre. You can also follow the John Innes Centre on twitter.


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