As we all know, the Norwich Research Park (NRP) is a centre of excellence in life and environmental sciences. With such an exceptional cluster of world-class institutions in close location, we are in a unique position to represent a wide collection of world leading research.

In 2015, the NRP launched its Image Library, a platform that aims to collect high resolution images of science from across the park, accompanied by accessible legends. This open access resource aims to create an iconic set of images that has the potential to yield more interest and traffic to research group pages, from the media, schools, potential sponsors, public and other researchers. It is currently used by NRP Institutes and the BBSRC to promote our science.

The NRP Image Library has over 165 images representing a variety of the park’s research, but we are always looking for more contributors to expand on the diversity of images that are available. The process of uploading images has recently been reviewed and made easier, meaning that it should take just a few minutes to upload your image with it’s legend. We have administrators that will help review your photo and legend, making sure that they are accessible to all audiences and of the right size/resolution.


“A New Planet”, Thomas Louveau, NRP Image Library

To continue to build an iconic set of images we want to see more exciting and engaging images from your work! It can be an image of anything as long as it is of high quality, engaging and depicts the work that you are carrying out here, at JIC.  Thomas Louveau’s image “A new planet” and its accompanying text, is a prime example of what we would like to see added to the image library – an engaging, iconic image with a concise explanation. This image won the last NRP Image Library competition and can now be seen on display in the Centrum food hall and we are in talks with the NRP about running another competition soon.

Please note the maximum image size is 16Mb and uploads can be either JPEG or PNG doc, while each image description should be approximately 100 words. All we ask is that you have permission to upload your images from your supervisor and anyone else that may have a right to the image.

All images will be made accessible to the public with the request of appropriate attribution (CC BY 4.0) For more details or if you have any queries about the NRP Image Library, please contact

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