Meet the new Student Voice committee

At the beginning of November elections were held, and a new Student Voice commitee elected. So, I introduce you to your new Student Voice committee!

The Chair

BillyI’m Billy and I am the new chair of the JIC/TGAC student voice committee. I’m currently in my second year of the rotation programme working in the lab of Xiaoqi Feng. For my PhD I study the epigenetic control of male germline development by neighbouring somatic tissue, in Arabidopsis.

I’m originally from Barking in East London and I studied for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Plant Sciences and Systems Biology at the University of Cambridge.

In my spare time I own an allotment where I’m currently experimenting with growing weird and wonderful fruit and veg.

Vice Chair

079Hi, I’m Corinne. I’m originally from West Yorkshire and I moved to Canterbury for my undergraduate Biology degree. I am now a second year PhD student in the James Brown group at the JIC, working on the molecular evolution of a crop pathogen.

In my spare time I like gaming, both board games and console games, and I enjoy caving with my old university friends. I also enjoy baking and being creative with cake decorations!


JIC SVC photoHey, I’m Ben and I’m Treasurer of the JIC SVC.  I grew up in Cambridge but moved to Bristol to study for my integrated Masters in Biology.  I’m in the first year of my PhD working in the crop genetics department in Paul Nicholson’s group, with the aim of finding and eliminating susceptibility factors to the fungal disease of wheat, Fusarium head blight.

In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with friends, cooking, video games, and (attempting to play) guitar.

Student Seminars


Hi, everyone! I am Javi, the Student Seminars Officer. I am now in the
second year of my PhD at Cathie Martin’s lab (JIC). There, I am looking for new genes involved in the development of hairs on the surface of tomato plants. Before coming to Norwich, I did my undergrad in Biotechnology in Valencia, Spain, although I spent long periods abroad in Europe and the Americas.

In my free time I like travelling, having nice coffee and learning languages.

Social Secretary

nicola SVCHi everyone, I’m Nicola! Originally from Newcastle I studied Biology at University of Leeds including research projects based at both Durham University and University of Cambridge. My PhD at JIC is heavily practical based and is about Nitrogen use efficiency in forage crops, working with Dr Tony Miller.

I enjoy being silly and getting up to mischief, but also sports and enjoying live comedy.


Beccy SVC

Hello I’m Beccy, a first year PhD student working in Saskia Hogenhout’s lab. I am originally from Wirral, a little peninsula in-between Liverpool and Wales. I did my Bachelor’s degree in Keele University (near Alton Towers), in Human Biology and Forensic Science. My Master’s degree in Molecular Biology of Parasites and Disease Vectors in Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, where I developed my love of insects. I am now working in Saskia Hogenout’s lab on developing genetic control methods in the Silverleaf Whitefly.  Outside of the lab, I enjoy baking, travelling, pub quizzes and going out with my friends.

The Webmaster

Stuart SVCI’m Stuart and I’m the new webmaster (All Hail…)

I’m originally from Birmingham, where I studied my MSci. I am in my first year of a PhD with Steph Bornemann investigating the impact of sugars on the pathogenicity of Pseudomonas bacteria.

I enjoy gaming, badminton, photography and drinking :D.


Roger_Castells_smallphoto.jpgHi, I’m Roger, the new SVC photographer. I’m a new rotation PhD student. I studied biotechnology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I’m currently working in George Lomonossoff’s lab, studying mosaic like-virus particles.

I enjoy playing music (saxophone), photography and science communication. I like to play sports and travelling. And I’m involved in “WhatIf”, a science education project for students!


SVC photoHi, I’m Erica and I am the sci-comm and outreach officer for the SVC. I will be looking after this blog for the year.

I studied Biochemistry at Lancaster, before doing a MRes in Molecular Microbiology at Bath. Now, I am a second year PhD student working in both Cathie Martins lab at the JIC, and Jelena Gavrilovic’s lab at the UEA. I am studying the potential health benefits associated with natural health promoting compounds produced in tomato.

Outside of the lab you will most likely find me reading, cooking and socialising with friends.

Thank you to the previous commitee! We look forward to getting started in our new roles, and hope to see as many of you as possible in this years meetings- the first of which is Thursday 3rd December at 1.30pm!


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