Student ASM 2019

June 3rdsaw our annual Student ASM take place right here at the JIC Conference Centre. Each year the Student ASM sees winners of the poster competition at the JIC & TSL ASM present their work as short 15 minute seminars to the rest of the students. The audience then gets the chance to vote on…Read more Student ASM 2019


What do you know about research impact?

As a PhD student you are already well underway with your career in science but are you thinking about the impact that your research is having?  A simple way of thinking about impact is to consider the changes that might take place as a result of your research, change equals impact. Another way to think…Read more What do you know about research impact?

Young Innovators’ Forum – Agri-Tech East

In days gone by scientists who studied crops in the lab may never have set foot on a farm and farmers may never have spoken to a crop scientist. Thankfully things have changed a lot since those days as the need for greater communication between the two is more widely acknowledged. That is where we…Read more Young Innovators’ Forum – Agri-Tech East

The Courage Project

A PhD is stressful, but it’s important to look after your mental health and wellbeing whilst studying. There is a stigma around mental health and opening up and ending this stigma is key to breaking the cycle. It’s okay not to be okay, and it’s important to know where you can get help. The Courage…Read more The Courage Project

The PhD Playlist – Lira Palmer

The PhD Playlist puts the spotlight on a PhD student at the Norwich Research Park and gets them to share three songs in a desert island disc-style game: one song that captures their project (expect some very tenuous links), one song that captures their life as a PhD student and a final motivational song because – let’s…Read more The PhD Playlist – Lira Palmer